What’s up!

My name is Erin Morgan! I am a student Athlete at Drake University. I play football here along with majoring in Digital media and production.

Ever since I got to Drake I have been expanding my knowledge in this field

My sophomore year I had my own radio show on the¬†school’s radio¬†station that ran for half a semester. I have also written, produced and directed my own production in our schools TV studio.

Over the summer I worked in the Promotions department at the Des Moines Radio Group. Here I did lots of work off sites in doing remotes. During these remotes I set up radio broadcast and interacted with the fans of the station.

I am currently learning photography and the different ways to capture life using a camera every day. I have taken a variety of photos already, such as Depth of field shots, action, and portrait photos.

I also do lots of free lance video in my free time. Using my GoPro, DSLR, and both my DJI drones. With the footage I make lots of videos most of which are travel. I also have made a family video and also a football team video as well.

Due to my interest in video and photo, I have learned and am continuing to learn programs like Adobe Premier and After Effects. Out of all the Adobe programs I am best in photoshop as I have learned and made many graphics for myself and also Drake football.

In the future I hope to stay in my field of Study.

I would like to start by getting into broadcasts media and working with cameras and behind the scenes activity.

That will hopefully start this summer as I plan to intern with the Iowa Cubs in their broadcast group of interns and help broadcast their home games behind the camera and in the booth.

I am also currently working on getting a youtube channel up and running. I plan to call it Eazy’s World (Eazy is my nickname). I will mainly post all the videos I take to the channel and may even start a Vlog. However I am just posting my videos to Facebook at the moment.

The big dream however is to go down to Hollywood and work on lots of movies. I have always been a movie buff and just wondered on how they were made and what the term “movie magic” meant. I am a huge super hero fan and would love to make super hero movies.


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